About us

Quality is constituted by returning clients, not products… - Margaret Thatcher

Our legal adviser's office has been operating on the legal market for over seven years.It was registered by the District House of Legal Counsels in Cracow on 3rd April 2000. Our human capital allows for comprehensive legal counselling and IT services. Every task is a new challenge for us and we approach it individually and professionally.

Our mission is to provide the best legal services.

We help our Clients solve impossible problems. In order to learn about our qualifications, check out Testimonials. Every task we undertake is protected by our Security Policy, which is automatically implemented once a business co-operation commences.


We're a flexible partner in negotiations. We treat every single task as an individual challenge and we treat it with proffesional approach. Our work is our passion, so we guarantee our services will be professionally provided. We would like to present the details of our offer.

Services offered

We offer complex legal services such as:

♦ Preparing documents, procedures and contracts according to the client`s demands and law

♦ Giving opinions on contracts and drafts of documents

♦ Dealing with mergers and take-overs of companies,

♦ Legal opinions

♦ Representing clients during negotiations

♦ Representing clients in the court

♦ Vindication

♦ Trainings for the client`s personnel

♦ Internal investigations - especially in case of financial loss or suspicion of fraud

♦ Developing and implementing solutions mitigating the risk of a fraud-related financial loss,

♦ Ensuring client`s compliance with key legal requirements

♦ Anti-money laundering procedures for companies and financial institutions; anti-money laundering audit

♦ Legal assistance within client's daily business activities

♦ Business continuity management (BCM) solutions and procedures

♦ Security audits - AML, fraud risk, legal compliance, data protection, personal data protection

♦ Implementation audit - security assessment of new IT system and supervision concerning IT security during an implementation

♦ IT system security audit, which includes penetration tests, application tests, audit of the configuration and evaluation of the agreement with norms and valid legal acts.

♦ Audit and advice concerning security of IT systems, particularly in case of risk of internal and external attacks which can cause loss of data and consequently stop business activity

♦ Conducting investigations in case of violation or suspicion of IT system security violation

Detailed offer of IT security audits

♦ WWW systems security evaluation

♦ External network entry points security evaluation (ex. Internet)

♦ Electronic mail security evaluation

♦ Wireless networks security evaluation

♦ Implementation audit

♦ Regular co-operation aiming at achieving and maintaining an appropriate level of teleinformation systems security

♦ Explanatory proceedings in case of suspected breaking of the applied IT security measures

♦ Other IT security activities.

General principles of services

The firm`s partners and employees are experienced and skilled lawyers, fully prepared to work flexible hours, also in different places. The only limit is the time required to prepare advice and/or necessary documents or trial dates.

All documents can be prepared in paper or electronic form, according to client`s preferences or legal requirements. We provide our services in Polish, English and German.

Our team

We offer our unique resouces of knowledge. Every one of our employees is a specialist in their field. We hire people who turn their theoretical knowledge into practice perfectly well. They are genuine professionals. We would like to present the details of our offer. Our team consists of:

♦ Legal Advisers

♦ Attorney

♦ Lawyers

♦ Certified Auditor

♦ English Translators

♦ Office

Piotr Krajewski

Born on 27 August 1966.

Barrister, Legal adviser, graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, former employee of the Public Prosecutor Regional Office for Krakow-Srodmiescie in Krakow, public prosecutor application, lawyer in Krakowski Dom Maklerski S.C. in Krakow, Former Director for Operations in BPH SA in Krakow; long-term experience in the scope of providing legal services for a number of institutions in the financial market. Expert in the Electronic Banking Council with the Polish Bank Association. Expert in the Copernicus Institute. Honorary President of ACFE Polska.


Commercial law, with a special view on banking law and public trading in securities, criminal law, with a special view on the issues of crime in business trading and financial crime in banking and business entities, business security – designing and providing opinions for solutions which limit financial losses, preventing introduction into trading of property originated from illegal or undisclosed sources, operational risk of business entities, including financial institutions, managing business continuity, Business Continuity Management, risk of reputation loss and risk of losses from unfair activities of clients and employees, issues related to security of tele-IT systems, procedures, solutions, standards, explanatory proceedings, audit of reliability of a legally established order, issues related to Compliance in the scope of confidential information and compliance in observation of the regulations in business entities, protection of personal details and managing personal details in business entities, civil law with a special view on inheritance law.

Krzysztof Stefański

Legal adviser, graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, long-term experience in the scope of legal services for a number of institutions in the financial market and local government units, legal adviser for Dom Maklerski Penetrator S.A. in Krakow, Agencja Informacyjna Penetrator Sp. z o.o. in Krakow, Krakowski Dom Maklerski S.A. in Krakow. Legal adviser in the City Hall of Krakow.

Specialised in:

commercial law with a special view on issues related to trading in securities, preparing stock trading prospectuses, appraisal of book value of the company property, company transformation, experience in support for portfolio companies participating in the NFI programme, very good knowledge of the issues related to information standards in the private market, preparation of prospectuses, providing legal services for a consortium of entities participating in distribution of stock, preparation of applications for the Stock Exchange Board and the National Depository for Securities S.A., preparation of agreements related to brokerage houses performing the function of issue sponsor and stock specialist, legal analyses of companies, preparation of documents related to issue of bonds convertible into stock, projects on preparation of analyses, finding investors, negotiations with investors, preparation and negotiation of wording of agreements with clients, preparation of legal opinions and providing answers to legal questions, civil law, medical law, business law, public finances, public procurement law.